Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Rules of Creative Writing

When we use the term Creative Writing, the word 'Rule' automatically gets rules out. People search the internet to find rules that they can follow and become popular like famous authors. But if you ask those famous Authors, they will tell you no rules. Not because they want to conceal the secret but because there are no rules whatsoever.

But, yes, discipline in writing helps you become a good writer in an organized way. And the writing discipline helps.

Creative Writing as such is a free form of writing. And no one can ever say that your writing is not creative. The reason is simple, your style is definitely different and people are free to like or have a different opinion.

But, at the core, you know that whatever you write should make sense. A story you write should be credible even though it is a fiction of fantasy. And all the logic and sense comes when writing is disciplined. We all know it but the question is when we begin to believe it. Just like walking without a purpose and rhythm will only give you the satisfaction of working out but it may not have any impact on your body.
No matter what your profession is and how much time you find after all the activities of life, you should follow a writing routine for many reasons. Some are:

  • Maintain the flow of thoughts
  • Feel the movement
  • Feel the story
  • Love for characters
  • Sense of accomplishment

Besides all the aforementioned benefits, the disciplined creative writing keeps you motivated. Writers often give up their stories or leave the novel midway, not because they cannot write, but because they are not motivated enough. And until you have become popular, you will have no motivation except that blurred dream of becoming a writer.

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