Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Why Creative Writing is fun?

Creative Writing is a sheer fun simply because it lets you pour your feelings and expressions out without any rules or regulations. The only rule of thumb is that is should make sense. There are people who would ask you to follow the rules and ensure that all your work is in sync with the rest of the work written elsewhere. Such well-wishers are good but not for you. They are actually people who are not creative at all. A creative person will not need suggestions from others. A creative person rather will draft their own way and then create the history.

You do not need to aim to create history first up. You just need to be expressive and write what your brain dictates. Never worry about spelling mistakes or styles or punctuations for that matter. As they say, write drunk and edit sober, so you always have the opportunity to come back to make it better.

Now, editing does not mean you follow standards set by others. All you need to ensure in Creative Writing is that the grammar is okay and sentences make sense.

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